Lake Morey Mini-Pondspiel















Unfortunately, Lake Morey has been too late in freezing over for us to be sure of solid ice next weekend. The ice is not thick enough for the plow truck and Zamboni to prep the ice to make it useable. Sorry! Let’s try again next year.

2016 Lake Morey Mini-Pondspiel

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Mini-Pondspiel Registration Form

2014 Lake Morey Pondspiel

Check out the video for Sunday morning’s Finals Ceremony:


The Finals Results

1st event, Lake Morey event: Ardsley (winner), Rutland 1 (runner up)
2nd event, Long Trail event: Woodstock 4 (winner), Plainsfield Pond Peelers (runner up)
3rd event, Lake Fairlee event: Plainfield 1 (winner), Green Mountain 2 (runner up)
4th event, Ticklenaked Pond event: Rutland 1 (winner), Woodstock 1 (runner up)
Congratulations to all for a weekend of great curling!