Sunday Dec. 20

Final League Standings for the Fall:

  1. Team Dugdale (5-1)
  2. Team Geer (4-2)
  3. Team Flanders, Team C. Miller and Team Holt all tied for third (3-3)
  4. Team N. Miller (2-3-1)
  5. Team Seto (0-5-1)

Congratulations to Team Dugdale (Phil Swanson, Dave Dugdale, Barry Milstone, Joe Duggan) for a great season! Well done!

Team Dugdale

Sunday Dec. 13

Sheet A: Team N. Miller (12) vs. Team C. Miller (3)
Sheet B: Team Holt (3) vs. Team Dugdale (13)
Sheet C: Team Flanders (12) vs. Team Seto (5)
Bye: Team Geer

Next Sunday’s the last day for fall curling until we start again on Sunday January 10th!