2015 Winter Season Champs

Congratulations to Team N. Miller (Nate Miller (first time Skip), Rita Seto, Joe Duggan and Bob Annis) for their 9-6 win over Team C. Miller (Chris Miller, Brian Earn and Beth Hutchins) and being the 2015 Winter League Champs!

Team MillerSunday March 8, 2015 Final League Scores:

Sheet A: Team Flanders 9 vs. Team Dugdale 6
Sheet B: Team Allen 9 vs. Team Holt 8
Sheet C: Team N. Miller 9 vs. Team C. Miller 6

Winter SeasonFinal look at the winter season curling. But wait! Summer ice is coming…..

Winter Season Playoffs

Winter League Playoffs:

Finals Sunday March 8, 2015 (Miller vs. Miller Championship)

Sheet A: Team Dugdale vs. Team Flanders (5th/6th)
Sheet B:  Team Holt vs. Team Allen (3rd/4th)
Sheet C: Team N. Miller vs. Team C. Miller (1st/2nd)
Bye: Team Geer

Sunday March 1, 2015

Sheet A: Team Flanders 8 vs. Team Geer 6
Sheet B:  Team N. Miller 6 vs. Team Allen 4
Sheet C: Team C. Miller 15 vs. Team Holt 8
Bye: Team Dugdale
After 7 weeks of round robin, the final standings are as follows:1. Holt (5-1-0)
2. Allen (5-1-0)
3. N. Miller (3-2-1)
4. C. Miller (3-2-1)
5. Dugdale (1-4-1)
6. Flanders (1-4-1)
7. Geer (1-5-0)