Final League Play + Playoffs

Sunday November 23

Sheet A: Team Flanders 17 – Team Geer 0
Sheet B: Team Miller 8 – Team Seely 4
Sheet C: Team Holt forfeit to Team Dugdale

After five weeks of round-robin play, the final standings are as follows:

1. Flanders 4-1
2. Dugdale 4-1
3. Miller 3-2
4. Holt 3-2
5. Geer 1-4
6. Seely 0-5

Ranking is determined by record, using head-to-head results as a tiebreaker. We will be using a three week single elimination playoff schedule.  The top two teams (Flanders and Dugdale) will automatically advance to the second round, but will play a game week 1 to determine who they play the following week.  Consolation games are scheduled weeks 2 and 3, so even if you are out of the playoffs, you still have a game.  The full schedule is as follows:

Week 1 (November 30)

Game 1A: Flanders (#1) vs Dugdale (#2)
Game 1B: Miller (#3) vs Seely (#6)
Game 1C: Holt (#4) vs Geer (#5)

Week 2 (December 7)

Game 2A: Loser of 1B vs Loser of 1C
Game 2B: Winner of game 1A vs lower seeded winner of games 1B and 1C
Game 2C: Loser of game 1A vs higher seeded seeded winner of games 1B and 1C

Week 3 (December 14)

Game 3A: Loser of 2A vs Loser of 2C

Game 3B: Winner of 2A vs Loser of 2B

Game 3C: Championship game: Winner of 2B vs Winner of 2C.

We have ice time scheduled December 21, the Sunday before Christmas.  We will play pick-up games this week, and invite anyone who didn’t play in the fall league but wants to play in the winter league to come out and get a game in.

A reminder of special playoff rules:

A team must have at least three players. The three player minimum may include a spare.

If a team is not present and ready to play within ten minutes of the official start time, that team shall forfeit the game and it will count as a loss for playoff purposes.

If, after the eight ends, the game score is tied, the team with the most ends won in that game shall be declared the winner. Should the game score be tied and the number of won ends equal, the Skip of each team will throw one stone each (the vice-skip may provide standard guidance) but there may be no sweeping. The stone nearest the button shall break the tie and determine the winner. The skips shall flip a coin to determine which shall throw last stone in the tie breaker.

Bonspiels + League updates

Maineiac Bonspiel – Team Holt (Bob Holt, Bruce Seely, Phil Swanson and Lisa Holt) or rather Lisa & her Maine Squeezes attended the Maineiac Bonspiel hosted by Belfast Curling Club. Team Holt put up a grand fight but was ousted out of the ‘maine’ event to play Sunday for the 4th event final. Team Holt could not capitalize on the win Sunday morning but the team had a great time.

Simply Curling Bonspiel – Team Flanders (Jay Flanders, Chris Miller, Nate Miller and Paula Flanders) attended the Simply Curling Bonspiel hosted by the Nashua Curling Club. Team Flanders was up against three very seasoned teams and could not prevail for a Sunday morning playoff. Great effort and great promotion for the upcoming Pondspiel.

League Play

Sheet A: Team Seely forfeit to Team Geer
Sheet B: Team Dugdale 4 vs. Team Flanders 7
Sheet C: Team Holt forfeit to Team Miller

Fall League Curling Underway

Fall curling has begun as we shake off the summer and get back into the groove of things.

Sunday November 2

Sheet A: Team Miller 5  vs. Team Dugdale 7
Sheet B: Team Holt 13 vs. Team Geer 5
Sheet C:  Team Flanders 6 vs. Team Seely 4

Sunday October 26

Sheet A: Team Holt 7 vs. Team Flanders 5
Sheet B: Team Seely forfeit to Team Dugdale
Sheet C: Team Miller 7 vs. Team Geer 5