Last round robin game

First, a couple of pictures from the VERspiel at Rutland from Rita.

Verspiel 1

In spite of some tired shoulders from all the sweeping at the VERspiel, the last round robin games were fairly close and spirited. Team Holt and Team Swanson won their matches, while Team Flanders and Team Dugdale tied.

Verspiel 2

The order ended up as Holt, Swanson, Flanders, Geer, Dugdale, and Seabrook. The standings page has been updated.

And the VERspiel winner is …

Congratulations to Bob, Lisa, Phil, and Bruce for winning the first ever VERspiel at Rutland yesterday. Woodstock II (Jay, Paula, Chris, and Nate) had a good day as well, winning their first and third games, and losing the second to the Green Mountain team that then played Bob for the final. So Woodstock’s teams won the A event and the C event for a great showing.

Peter and Rita took pictures. If I get one, I’ll post something. Regular weekly curling tonight.

Game 4

Last night’s winners were Teams Dugdale, Flanders, and Swanson. Standings are updated.

We’ll be asking soon about interest in a summer curling session. So think about your availability and interest for playing in late June and July.


  • February 23rd — VERspiel at Rutland
  • March 2nd — Learn to curl at the Hartford arena in White River Junction
  • March 10th — Last week of curling for the winter session
  • March 24th — Trip to Borders Curling Club in Canada

Game 3

Well, in spite of a few people either home sick or stuck somewhere thanks to winter storm Nemo, no one had to forfeit. Thanks to team Flanders for giving up a member to fill out another team and welcome back to Bill Dagger who subbed for Jack. The winning teams were Holt, Seabrook, and Flanders. Standings are updated.

Mark your calendar: February 23rd — VERspiel at Rutland; March 2nd — learn to curl at the Hartford arena in White River Junction; March 24th — trip to Borders Curling Club.


Super Bowl Sunday

In spite of that other game going on, we had a good turnout for curling Sunday night and some good games. Winning teams were Holt and Geer. Team Swanson and Team Dugdale tied after Dave made two outstanding draw shots at the end of the 8th. I’ve added the standings to the Schedule/Teams page.