Playoff Finals

The championship match between Team Holt and Team Flanders saw a lot of rocks in play every end as both teams played aggressively. In the end, though, Team Flanders took the match to win this session’s round robin. On sheet B, Team Swanson beat Team Dugdale for 3rd place. Matt went down with a badly twisted knee mid-match — we all hope ice, ibuprofen, and rest will have him back to normal soon.

Next week starts the winter session with a night of social curling. And don’t forget the Learn to Curl on the 13th!


First playoff round

Playoffs: In the first playoff round, Team Flanders defeated Team Dugdale for the chance to play the undefeated Holt team on the 30th. Team Swanson emerged victorious from the Swanson/Geer matchup and will play Team Dugdale on December 30th.

Reminder: There is open curling on December 23rd. Teams will be made up that night from all who attend. Put on your Santa hat and join the fun!

Important notice: The winter session starts January 6th with open curling. The following week on January 13th, there will be a “Learn to Curl.” (See info on the right.) League play will start after that.

End of round robin

Playoff starts on Sunday
In spite of battling the flu, Bob led his team to another victory. So Team Holt goes 4-0 for the round robin. On the Dugdale/Geer sheet, Team Dugdale emerged victorious, although Phil gets an honorable mention for a nice shot to score 5 in the last end.

So the final standings are:
Team Holt 4-0
Team Flanders 3-1
Team Dugdale 2-2
Team Geer 1-3
Team Swanson 0-4

That means that Team Flanders will play Team Dugdale and Team Geer will play Team Swanson on Sunday, 12/16. On 12/30, the winner of the Flanders/Dugdale matchup will play Team Holt and the winner of the Geer/Swanson matchup will play the loser of the Flanders/Dugdale match.

Remember the 12/23 is social curling. The draw master will put together teams for that night for fun, pre-Christmas matches.

December 2nd results

A quiet week

With a number of people travelling or with other commitments, turnout was a little light last night. Thanks to Erin, Hannah, Jack, and Nate for filling in to round out the teams. And thanks, too, to Bob for sharing curling webcasts with us during broomstacking. It’s a great reminder of what this game is supposed to look like.

Congratulations to Dave and Tracy on the new four-legged member of their family. We expect to see adorable puppy pictures next week!

The winners of this week’s games are teams Holt and Flanders, bringing the standings to:
       Team Holt 3-0
       Team Flanders 3-1
       Team Geer 1-2
       Team Dugdale 1-2
       Team Swanson 0-3

December 9th will be the last game for the round robin and playoffs will begin on the 16th with the first place team getting a bye to start. The second place team will play the third place team and the fourth place team will play the fifth place team. Winner of the 2nd/3rd game will play the first place team on the 30th (12/23 will be social/drop-in curling as many people are away) and the winner of the 4th/5th game will play the loser of the 2nd/3rd game.