2015 GNCC Arena Championships Runners Up

Team Flanders went 3-0 against 3 Virginia teams to get to Sunday morning finals. The Team battled a close final game but lost 8-7 to Team Virginia 4. Congratulations  to GNCC Arena Championship runners-up. Great effort Team (Skip Jay Flanders, Vice Nate Miller, 2nd Matt Geer, Lead Paula Flanders). Go get ’em next year!


2014 GNCC Arena Champs Defending Title

Next week, Team Flanders head down to the 2015 GNCC Arena Championships (July 30-August 2) to defend their title. Last year Mount Washington Valley Curling Club in Conway, NH hosted the 2014 GNCC Arena Championships that featured 25 squads from 14 East Coast states. Team Flanders included Skip Jay Flanders, Vice Chris Miller, 2nd Nate Miller and Lead Paula Flanders. Congratulations to Team Flanders for bringing home the GNCC trophy in 2014 and hope they bring it back to club!

ArenaChamps ArenaChampsTrophy

2015 Summer Learn to Curl

The time is here! Do you recall watching the Winter Olympics last year? Did you watch the curling competitions and did you think, “I wish that I could do that!”? Well the time to  check out the sport of curling is now. The Woodstock Curling Club is offering a “Learn to Curl” clinic on Sunday, June 21st from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Union Arena in Woodstock, Vermont. Check out the Learn to Curl page for more information: http://www.uppervalleycurling.org/?page_id=80

See you there and good curling!


2015 Plymouth MUDspiel

Woodstock Curling Club sent 4 teams to the newly formed Plymouth Curling Club’s first MUDspiel last weekend. Congrats to Team Geer (Matt Geer, Beth Hutchins, Bob Annis and Pam Annis) and Team Svec (Rich Svec, Sharon Besso, Peter Labelle and Joe Duggan) for a good showing.

TeamGeer TeamSvecCongratulations to Team Holt (Bob Holt, Phil Swanson, Lisa Holt and Emily Boyd) who squared off with a very good Broomstones team for the A bracket championship runner up.

TeamHoltCongratulations to Team Flanders (Jay Flanders, Nate Miller, Rita Seto, and Chris Miller/Paula Flanders) who won the D bracket/bronze medal.TeamFlandersWhat a great facility. Thanks Plymouth State Ice Arena! We’ll be back.


2015 Winter Season Champs

Congratulations to Team N. Miller (Nate Miller (first time Skip), Rita Seto, Joe Duggan and Bob Annis) for their 9-6 win over Team C. Miller (Chris Miller, Brian Earn and Beth Hutchins) and being the 2015 Winter League Champs!

Team MillerSunday March 8, 2015 Final League Scores:

Sheet A: Team Flanders 9 vs. Team Dugdale 6
Sheet B: Team Allen 9 vs. Team Holt 8
Sheet C: Team N. Miller 9 vs. Team C. Miller 6

Winter SeasonFinal look at the winter season curling. But wait! Summer ice is coming…..

Winter Season Playoffs

Winter League Playoffs:

Finals Sunday March 8, 2015 (Miller vs. Miller Championship)

Sheet A: Team Dugdale vs. Team Flanders (5th/6th)
Sheet B:  Team Holt vs. Team Allen (3rd/4th)
Sheet C: Team N. Miller vs. Team C. Miller (1st/2nd)
Bye: Team Geer

Sunday March 1, 2015

Sheet A: Team Flanders 8 vs. Team Geer 6
Sheet B:  Team N. Miller 6 vs. Team Allen 4
Sheet C: Team C. Miller 15 vs. Team Holt 8
Bye: Team Dugdale
After 7 weeks of round robin, the final standings are as follows:1. Holt (5-1-0)
2. Allen (5-1-0)
3. N. Miller (3-2-1)
4. C. Miller (3-2-1)
5. Dugdale (1-4-1)
6. Flanders (1-4-1)
7. Geer (1-5-0)